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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Komikqta Ruler Of The Land

This Manhwa [of] road;street centre on live a so called heartbreaker mulish young man [of] Han Bi Kwang which is on initially [is] not at all understand kunfu science but its ability lighten equivalent body with class champion to the. He/She [is] misteriously lifted as young pupil [of] black stream chief at the same time strong hero [of] that moment kunfu world, Cheon Ma Sin Gun, but he/she see reluctantly and impress [do] not care. Its genesis [is] related to a past legend, namely former head of dickens party the informed have is annihilate. He/She venture on but in the end fall in love very hardly with so called boyish cutie but Draught of Hwarin, beloved grandchild one of [the] strong tetua of white stream, Emperor Sword.

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