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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Komikqta The Impeccable Twins

[In] dangerous kunfu dale the most, good hero and [is] same virulent hero to the number of. There also born two twin child in a cart. A child taken by female of Lian Sing of[is the pretty hero of teacher of Ih Hoa Giok, looked after [by] other child [of] criminal horde which living [in] dale of Ok Genie of Kok. They are big even also in environment which [is] at all differ. Comic telling a story about problem in details life of Siau Hi Ji and of Hoa Ma of Koat, the twin dissociated by chance. Hoa Ma of Koat enlarged by women of Palace Flower of Ih Hoa Kiong doctrine to kill Siau Hi Ji if/when meeting to wait.

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