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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Komikqta Detective School Q

Komi nowadays tell a story about Grup Detective coming from School Detective led by Morihiko And Especial Characterization [at] this so called comic [of] Kyu Renjo, a Class child 3 SMP. Besides Kyu there are some its others, among others Megumi Minami, Kintaro Toyama, Kazuma Narusawa and of Ryu Amakusa.
Story gyrate around their everyday activity around school, resolving of case and also conflict with organization of criminal so called [of] Meiosei.
And Detective School ( DDS) founded by Morihiko And, a famous detective which have finished many case, but fail to break organization of criminal so called [of] Meiosei. This Matter also causing him sit [in] wheel chair for the age of its life. Morihiko And [is] the single private sector detective [in] Japan owning the license to utilizing fire arm.

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  1. reuload dong ke mediafire, mega atau yang lainya. nggak bisa didownload. makasih


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